Information - fortune cookies

Founded in 1986, Schäfer's Süsse Werbung has been producing delicious and crispy fortune cookies since 2002, primarily for the advertising sector.

Europe's biggest fortune cookie baking facility can do more bake as 500 000 fortune cookies a month, pack and also temporarily store.

At Schäfer, special emphasis is placed on the ingredients of fortune cookies as well as on excellent film packaging printing.

Fortune cookies from Schäfer:

  • Every day up to 20,000 pieces of fortune cookies are produced.
  • Schäfers fortune cookies are delicious and crispy
    - See for yourself.
  • Fortune cookies per piece weight about 7g according to German food law
  • Aroma packed in OPP film min. 35my / MHD: 7 months
  • 200 pieces biscuits in carton / 72 cartons per pallet
  • Short delivery times, because: Schäfer's sweet world is itself a producer